4-Wheel alignment

wheel alignment

4-wheel alignment opposite Meadowhall in Sheffield 

If your car is having uneven tyre wear or handling problems, then there is no one more suited to help you with 4-wheel alignment than the experts at PJT Car Care.  

Preventive maintenance is the key say PJT Car Care of Sheffield

Over the course of time poor road conditions alters your wheel alignment which incurs poor handling and uneven tyre wear. The 4-wheel alignment resets to the manufacturer's specification for your vehicle. We supply you with the before and after colour print out of your vehicle. Reliable and experienced people at PJT Car Care can handle the maintenance work of your vehicle, to prolong the life of various components and keep the repair costs in check.

PJT Car Care can help with: 

  • Front and rear alignment
  • Front cast and camber
  • Rear cast and camber
  • Before and after colour print out
wheel alignment
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