Clutch & gearbox repairs

Clutch servicing

Clutch servicing and gearbox repairs near Meadow Hall in Sheffield 

If your car is having clutch and gearbox problems, then there is no one more suited to help you than the experts at PJT Car Care.  

Preventive maintenance is the key 

Over the course of time, the internal components of your car might need servicing or repairs. However, by making sure that reliable and experienced people like PJT Car Care are handling the maintenance work, you get to prolong the life of various components and keep the repair costs in check. As the clutch and gearbox play such a significant role in the performance of your car, it is necessary that you treat them with care.             

PJT Car Care can help with: 

•  Clutch repairs
•  Drive shafts
•  Gearbox repairs  
•  Dual mass flywheel replacement
You can rely on us to provide a comprehensive service that caters to all the servicing and repair needs of your car.
Clutch issue

"I recently had a problem with my Citroën Picasso diesel clutch. I rang PJT Car Care and spoke to Paul and he told me that I probably will need a new dual mass flywheel and clutch assembly. I took my vehicle in to his work shop and he tested it out for me and yes his diagnosis was correct. He gave me a quote which I considered to be reasonable. The work was carried out in the day and I have been more than satisfied with the work. Nice clean worker and I will be using his services in future."

gearbox repairs

Do you have gear-slipping problems? 

If you feel that the frequency of the gear slipping has increased all of sudden then chances are there is something wrong with your clutch or gearbox. At PJT Car Care, we have all the resources including experienced mechanics, who have completed technical training on hybrid technology from Denso and Euro Car Parts and modern equipment, to complete a thorough inspection and find the fault at hand. To discuss your issues, contact us today.          
gear-slipping repair
For clutch servicing and gearbox repairs near Meadow Hall in Sheffield contact PJT Car Care on
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